Under the Cover of a Well Used Blanket

When it comes to cycling, I am in fairly decent shape. I easily put in over a hundred miles a week commuting and mountain biking. When in comes to running, you better lay your bets on someone else.

This morning I woke up with a incredible urge to go for a run. I rolled out of bed, ate a couple pieces of toast (one with peanut butter on it), layered up for the 37 degree weather and set out the door at half past 5am. This time of day has always been my favorite time to run. How can you beat running under the cover of a well used blanket of night sky; as you run the blanket is slowly pulled away to reveal the most amazing colors of the dawns awakening. It is one of the most quiet times of day as well with only minimal traffic on the roads and the promise of another day.

I grew up running. My fourth grade teacher Mr. Saccone is to thank for that. He was a big runner himself and every morning he would take our class out to run around the baseball field area. This fun was enhanced by our keeping track of how far we ran each day, in turn, we would plot our accrued mileage to see how far we had run across the United States. He would also make us half of a sandwich with Laura Scudder’s peanut butter after our runs, probably why it’s my favorite peanut butter to this day.

My relationship with running has been off and on since I graduated high school. It has definitely been a rocky road since having turned 30. Funny how your body just automatically changes at that age. Joints begin to ache and you don’t heal as fast, you actually have to work at staying in shape. My knees have been aching lately when I run. I should say they ache if I haven’t run in a while. The first day back is the worst, which would be today. I had to stop and walk about ten times during my 3-4 mile run because of the soreness. If I continue to run, going no longer than 3-4 days in between so, my knees continue to slowly get better and get into running shape again. It’s a slow process and I need to stop going so long without running. I love to run, the hardest step is just getting out the door. I guess you can say that about many things in life, the first step is always the most difficult, but once you make it you wonder why it seemed so in the first place.


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