You’ve Stolen My Heart

This title I could have uttered at numerous moments in the past two weeks.  Close to two weeks ago, three amazing friends and I finished our summer job in Skagway, Alaska, packed our belongings and selves into two cars and drove through British Columbia to California. 

You stole my heart British Colombia! Your landscape is beautiful, your voice is one of compassion, and your patience is rewarding. I wanted to float in your rivers and lakes, get lost amongst your golden yellow trees, and hike your jagged peaks. You also stole my bike.  I was too trusting in our relationship and was hurt.  My friends told me not to trust you, but i was naive.    Still, may our love affair never end.

You stole my heart all the family we visited along the way! It’s funny, we managed to spend at least one day with each of our families on the drive down. First came Vancouver, then Portland, then Bend, then Chico, and finally Oakland. We were homesick, craving a special dose of family, and at each stop we were treated as such.  It was easy to see why I was drawn to these friends in the first place, it was because they were raised in some of the most caring and loving families.

You won’t believe it, but a Seahorse stole my heart in San Francisco.  It was a first for me, meeting a Seahorse that is, and I am yearning to learn more.  Maybe she will let me and not swim away.

With my only bike stolen in Vancouver, I have been forced to run as a means of daily escape from the hectic world.  I have not been having many bicycle adventures lately, and it’s even more difficult without a bike.  I almost feel like I should change the title of my blog. When the temperature dropped with dusk, I set out on a run along the lagoon yesterday.  My legs felt strong, my lungs managed to hang on, and my thoughts were lost in the pinks and purples of the setting sun.  A rabbit darted across the trail in front of me and I about nearly jumped out of my skin.  A whole summer running in Alaska with bears and I was never scared as much as I was by a rabbit in San Diego! 


Where you will find me!

The days seem to run into each other and blur your vision as you try to differentiate one from the next. Wake up, eat, go to work,eat, try to fit in some physical activity, eat, realize you only have an hour or so to slow down and reflect on the day before you are setting your alarm and deforming that soft pillow, a gateway to amazing dreams you wish you could remember in the minutes after you snooze the alarm the next morning and fall out of bed to start the cycle all over again. I am a fairly calm and relaxed person as it is, but I find it very difficult to slow my days down and appreciate as many of the little moments that present themselves. There are way too many distractions and I could list them for days, but I am sure you could too.

I know I have always had it in the back of my mind, but today as I pedaled home from a yoga class I realized just how ugly asphalt and cars are. One of the reasons I haven’t owned a car in the last six years? Yes, definitely part of it. Two contributors for everyone’s day to go by a little too fast. It’s sad to see people sitting in their cars, isolated from the world around them. It’s sad to see the earth hidden under such a dark and suffocating color. Do you smile when you drive??? I know I do when I am coasting down a hill or wave at the person walking their dog on the sidewalk as I pedal past. Every day seems like an adventure that way, and helps to slow my day down just a fraction of a second compared to if I was stuck behind the wheel of a car.


It’s funny how unfortunate events can jumpstart your life again. Ex: a near death experience, loss of job, death of family member. Thankfully, I only lost my job due to downsizing. Still, it’s tough! So, where will you find me now these days? Back on my yoga mat again. Yep, still pedaling around too. Of course, applying for that next job also. You can also find me starting up my own natural hemp yoga mat towel line called “BEYULtiful.” I won’t go into detail here, all of that goodness can be found on my ETSY shop called BEYULtiful. The point is, I am taking a risk and putting a product I believe in out there. We all have so many talents that we know and don’t even know we have, and if we don’t, they can be learned. It can be hard to realize them because our everyday lives fly by and most of that time is spent focusing on unimportant things. What do you want? Go after it! Do something different. Take a chance. You may fall flat on your butt, but you know what, you tried! Sure, it’s going to be scary as hell and you may want to quit. If you push past your comfort zone you may just be surprised at what you find out about yourself. “Tear up that ugly asphalt!”

Where will I find you?