Nights Company

Smother my thoughts with asphalt, smooth my words with concrete, forgotten once settled among the wrought iron. Intuitive Moon rises with every footstep, heart beats outmatch each star overhead, chasing forgotten hints of wild desire.  City lights hold you hostage, while the sea sets you free, if I had it my way you’d shine all day on me.  Till the sun fades away, leaving room for marbled skies, I’ll wait all day in haste, look up once or twice just in case, you decide to show your lovely cratered face.


A Beautiful Escape

Where do you go to escape the billboards, chain stores, and crowds of people? How do you escape the ordinary, the boring, the predictable? For me, I head North to Alaska. This summer, Skagway Alaska was my escape from the clutches of what has become fate for those of us in the lower 48.


Upper Dewey Lake

A small town that grows to just under two thousand people when seasonal employees roll in and to over twelve thousand when cruise ship folks dock in order to walk off a bit of the food they’ve forced down. Skagway has one road/highway that is even a further escape. This road is the secret entrance to landscapes, adventures, and cultures so pristine, incomparable, and interesting, that you find yourself letting out a sigh of relief when your are in the midst of it all.


Whitehorse, Yukon

This far North, people don’t care if you don’t own a car, how you dress, what was on TV last night. They care about you. It’s an amazing phenomena that occures when all of the unimportant distractions are taken out of the equation. This place enables your brain and heartbeat to slow enough to listen to your thoughts, the stream your hiking beside, and the creaking of the trees as you pedal past them.


High above Skagway

In the end, I am thankful places like this still exist. At the end of my summer, I am saddened to leave them.