We are all not bike mechanics, but we all have a love for bikes! (If your reading this blog I imagine you at least have a crush on bikes.) With that love, if it is true, means that you actually pedal your two wheeled friend with a big fat smile on your face, acting in every way possible like a little kid again.  Not like we need to act that hard.  It’s medicine, I swear!  Like every relationship, there are going to be times when you quietly curse at your partner: when the hills are steep and gears too high, the pedal teeth too sharp and the shins too soft, and inevitably when you get a flat. It’s all part of riding a bike, some will scar our spirits and our skin, but we should not let it scar our egos.  So, I am going to cover some very basic flat tire repair and tools which every rider should carry with them.  Hopefully, wiping away some fear for the new rider or the old. Continue reading